Vintage enrober detail with milk chocolate

We love craftsmanship

Davenport's founder, Jane Williams, trained under master Chocolatier Philippe Burger for 7 years.

She has travelled throughout Europe in search of chocolate inspiration. She still gets undeniably happy when tempered chocolate sets with a brilliant shine. She has mighty muscles on her whisking arm. She is at ease with tools from the 1950s as much as equipment from the present day. She finds purpose in conserving recipes from past generations, from a melting fondant cream to a chewy caramel.

Marbled white and milk chocolate sheet, cracked into pieces.

We love creativity

Chocolate is incredible. You can melt it, pipe it, spray it. You can mould it, carve it, model it. You can add flavour, colour and texture. You can change its consistency, you can make a truffle, a mousse or a drink.

Chocolate is an incredible medium to work with, and we love to harness its creative potential to bring you the yummiest and most beautiful chocolates that we can.

Bowl of melted chocolate. Swirled and stirred.

We love chocolate

It’s all about the chocolate. Unique and delicious, melt-in-the-mouth wonderful, we love to share the joy of chocolate with you. We love to be part of the amazing Cocoa Horizons Partnership, creating fair and sustainable livelihoods for cocoa farmers.

We love to share our new recipes with you. We love to create your favourite flavours. We love to give you a taste of nostalgia and evoke your earliest chocolate memories. We hope you will love our chocolates as much as we love making them.

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Team Chocolate

A family business
Jane Williams, Head chocolatier Davenport's Chocolates
Jane Williams
Founder & Head Chocolatier

Occassionally known as 'The Chocolate Whisperer' for her tempering skills. She loves to experiment with new textures and flavours. She loves Chocolate!

Michael Williams, Partner. Davenport's Chocolates
Michael Williams

The design guru of the team, with creativity running through his veins, and a brain that never sleeps. Much of what you see here is his handiwork.