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Time-lapse packing our chocolate gift boxes

It's all done by hand! The Packing department gets "Time Slapped!". A quick (pun intended!) insight into our artisan chocolate factory. Daniel, Michael, Jenny and Bridget assemble,...
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Temperamental Chocolate: The Art of Tempering

I started to make chocolates at home when I was about 8. To my shame, my first endeavours were with ‘cooking chocolate’; a very stable and easy medium...
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Jane Williams - My story as a chocolatier.

Jane Williams (nee Davenport) has worked as a professional chocolatier since September 2000. She has travelled extensively throughout Europe, gleaning much from a wider European dedication to...
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Artisan Easter Egg making at Davenport's Chocolates

This showcase of our Easter Eggs was filmed a few years after Davenport's Chocolates started in 2007. The egg decoration, design and flavours have changed over the...
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Enrobing Chocolates at Davenport's Chocolates

From the early days at Davenport's Chocolates - A look at our vintage enrober and the 'Swiss' style of enrobing chocolate centres. The same method (and the...
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A brief history of chocolate

Origins The origins of chocolate are in South America, where the Olmec and Mayan cultures prized the cocoa beans from the cocoa tree (Theobroma Cacao). They were...
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