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Enrobing Chocolates at Davenport's Chocolates

From the early days at Davenport's Chocolates - A look at our vintage enrober and the 'Swiss' style of enrobing chocolate centres. The same method (and the same vintage enrober) that we still use for artisan production today.



We favour the Swiss method of enrobing for the creation of our chocolates. Originally this would have been achieved by coating the center's individually using a dipping fork. Nowadays we use an enrober. It's actually the original enrober used by the Swiss chocolatier that I trained under.

A heated that keeps the chocolate molten. This is drawn up by a wheel and forms a waterfall that cascades back into the enrober.

The chocolate has to be tempered - a process of fine-tuning the temperature and conditions under which the crystals form to give the perfect Sheen to the finished chocolates.

The centers are made in small batches using the freshest of ingredients. These are then cut using a tool called the guitar cutter and placed on a mesh conveyor belt that passes through the curtain of molten chocolate.

The excess is shaken off by a vibrating mechanism before they are decoratored at just the right moment as the chocolate sets.

It's labour-intensive - we enrobe and decorate the chocolates by hand. Giving each one a wonderfully unique character.


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